Central was an exhibition curated and presented by the #notwhite collective
at the 28th Annual Heartwood Forest Council's Edge Effects in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, May 2018.

The #notwhite collective a group of women artists who elevate the stories of those of us who do not fit neatly in the consensus boxes, neatly in cultural categories.


Bark, Skin,
Bone, Leaf

These visual poetry pieces are meditations on multiracial identity and how much trees and plants have shaped my family’s story.  My father grew up in the northern jungles of Thailand in the 1950's, witnessed how deforestation changed his village, and later immigrated to the United States and earned his degree in horticulture.  His stories and others continue to shape my understanding of how landscapes and identity build and change environmentally and personally.

Each face and skin tells a beautiful story of growth, wisdom, and family, just as each tree and its bark grow in beauty, wisdom, and age with time.  We can reflect and appreciate this building stories as we nourish awareness of growth and a more sustainable future.

Recycled materials were used to create these pieces including naturally shed local bark, coffee, and recycled art supplies.