in between the middle

In Between the Middle was an inaugural exhibition curated and presented by the #notwhite collective
at the Brew House Association in Pittsburgh's historic Southside, January-February 2018.

The #notwhite collective a group of women artists who elevate the stories of those of us who do not fit neatly in the consensus boxes, neatly in cultural categories.

sara tang 46559_994763365530_670643088989018125_n.jpg


I have discovered that opening myself
up to this heart tasting
isn't atrium and ventricle chambers
at all
on my tongue
I taste all the layers like pages of a wet book
each page being turned and tasted by my tongue
the metallic nuanced roil of iron
what stories
this text could make you dizzy

- Sara Tang, 2017

- Sara Tang, 2018

- Sara Tang, 2018