Sara Tang · Draw Me In

Drawing In Community to Shared Humanity through Creativity.



A #notwhite Collective Exhibition


9.19.19 thru 12.13.19
Carlow University Art Gallery
Fall Gallery Hours 9-8

WOMAN IT WOMAN will feature a collection of work
expressing and celebrating the multifaceted aspects
of self defined liberation.


Draw Me In:
Drawing something In
can be a creative act,
but also, an encounter
— of being Drawn In
to the profound beauty
of our shared humanity
with one another.


Hi! I’m Sara, an artist based out of Pittsburgh.

Draw Me In is my art and creative consultancy practice founded upon the idea of Drawing In community, collaborators and clients to encounters with identity, the power of knowing and shaping our stories, and elevating our shared humanity creatively.

My work explores identity excavation, generational story excavation, multicultural experiences, the awareness and healing of trauma, mental health, and related health conditions through expansive workshops, collaborations, and identity therapy.

Identifying our experiences helps us to thrive and build a greater awareness of authenticity with ourselves and with our communities. 

Let’s be Drawn In together.


Much love,

Sara Tang


The Neurodiversity Project

The Neurodiversity Project is an illustration series by Sara Tang, in collaboration with those with lived experiences of neurodiversity.
Neurodiversity refers to the range of differences in individual brain function and behavioral traits, regarded as part of normal variation in the human population.

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I dream of a world
where borders are really bridges to celebrate connection,
where different colors remind us of how we need all hues for a full vision of life,
I don’t dream of sameness and uniformity – I dream of Encounter, of Relationship.
I dream of celebrating diversity, flavor, and the never-ending wonder that comes from encountering a new friend with a different story.
That is what I think of when I dream of “inter-national”.
I think of how we are interconnected. I think of how we belong to one another.
I think of how seeing a map of this world can be a vision of solidarity. All those languages, all those ways of living and loving, all of our stories weaving in and out together in the great flow of where we’ve come from, where we are now, and we can dream to go together.

July 2019

Sara Tang (#notwhite collective) – Manifesto Project II

In 2018, the #notwhite collective was an awardee of the Keyword: International Research Grant, a project of the Carnegie International and the Kelly Strayhorn Theater (KST). As part of this project, the collective developed its first Manifesto, which was presented as a performance during the symposium held in October 2018 at the KST, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In 2019 our year-long residency with the Sidewall Project will expand on the ideas generated as a result of our discussions, research, and sharing during the Manifesto Project. The series of the twelve images will use the collective’s portraits and excerpts from each of their respective manifestos to further our creative vision of inclusion and representation of all of us in-betweeners.

Group Exhibitions

For more art and community work see PRESS page.

Woman It Woman A #notwhite Collective Exhibition, Carlow University Art Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, September 19-December 13 2019
Mindscapes, Imagebox, Pittsburgh, PA October 2019
sidewall: A Mural Exhibition, sidewall Mural Project, Pittsburgh, PA, Jan-Dec 2019
Human Chain, Homestead First Fridays, Homestead, PA July 2019
Strange Enchantments: A Midsummer Night’s Art Exhbiition, Black Forge Coffee House, Pittsburgh, PA July 2019
Strange Enchantments: A Night of Poetry and Spoken Word, Black Forge Coffee House, Pittsburgh, PA July 2019
In Between the Middle: A #notwhite Collective Exhibition, ¡Buen Vivir! Gallery for Contemporary Art, Buffalo, NY, Apr-Jun 2019
Betwixt & Between: A Night of Poetry and Spoken Word, ¡Buen Vivir! Gallery for Contemporary Art, Buffalo, NY, Apr 2019
Home Language, Project-LOGUE, Assemble, Pittsburgh, PA, Mar 2019
Lunar New Year/ Tết / Seol-Nal Community Celebration, Everyday Cafe, Pittsburgh, PA, Feb 2019

Rib of Man: The Culture of True Womanhood, Carlow University, Pittsburgh, PA, Nov 2018
Mindscapes, Level Up Studios, Pittsburgh, PA, Oct 2018
Cool Green Art, Black Forge Coffee House, Pittsburgh, PA, Aug 2018
Keyword: EXPANSION, Carlow University, Pittsburgh, PA, Oct 2018
Keyword: International Symposium, Kelly Strayhorn Theater, Pittsburgh, PA, Oct 2018
Festival of Friendship, Revolution of Tenderness, Trust Arts Education Center, Pittsburgh, PA, Sep 2018
Central: A #notwhite Collective Exhibition, Edge Effects: 28th Annual Heartwood Forest Council, Slippery Rock, PA, May 2018
Contextual Camouflage, McKoy Creative, Trust Arts Center, Pittsburgh, PA, Apr 2018
In Between the Middle, The Brew House Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, Feb 2018

We Wore the Masks, Future Tenant, Pittsburgh, PA, Mar 2016