Sara Tang

Artist · Creative Consultant

Identifying our experiences helps us to thrive
and build a greater awareness of authenticity
with ourselves and with our communities


about sara 

Sara Tang is an artist, illustrator, and creative consultant based out of Pittsburgh. She is a member of the #notwhite Collective, the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators, and the founder of of the creative collaborations community Sip n’ Sketch Pittsburgh. She continues to work with those affected by chronic conditions and other complex life experiences in creative therapy workshops.   Her work, projects, and collaborations often explore multiracial and multicultural identity, generational story excavation, mental health, and the healing of health conditions.

She has studied the arts at the Rhode Island School of Design, Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh, and with Immanuel Icons.

Tang’s purpose in all her creative gatherings, works, performances, and projects, is to Draw others In to a deeper empathic encounter with themselves, with others, and with what is strange and beautiful about humanity and existence.

draw me in
a note on my practice

Draw Me In is my art and creative consultancy practice founded upon the idea of drawing in collaborators and clients to encounters with identity, the power of knowing and shaping our stories, and elevating community creatively.

Identifying our experiences helps us to thrive and build a greater awareness of authenticity with ourselves and with our communities. My work explores identity excavation, generational story excavation, multicultural experiences, the awareness and healing of trauma, mental health, and related health conditions through expansive workshops, collaborations, and identity therapy.


Special thanks to Photography by Janine.

Special thanks to Photography by Janine.

#notwhite collective

WE are a group of 13 women artists elevating the stories of the others. Those of us who do not fit neatly in the consensus boxes, neatly in cultural categories.

WE are bi/multi-racial/cultural, immigrant or descendants of immigrants. We have come together, to question, to investigate, dig deep into what identity is within and without the construct and context of white---not in skin color, but as a system of oppression, a system we do not align ourselves with. In lieu of police brutality, calls for bans, for walls, we hope to provide an artistic platform for difficult discussions on the complexities of cultural identity in America to move us towards humanity.