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My talks and workshops often explore the strange and beautiful process of discovering, grappling with, healing, and embracing one’s identity.  Intense interior journeys often flow beneath our exteriors. My talks and workshops draw us all in to a deeper empathetic experience with our humanity. 

Much of my creative facilitation and workshops explore issues related to spiritual identity healing, multicultural identity, generational story excavation, trauma awareness and healing, mental health awareness, and using art therapy to grow through chronic health conditions.


My workshop is a guided creative exercise for participants to chart personal experiences of their choosing in a map format, and then to create an expressive art piece based on their map. Mapping these experiences (which may include chronic illness, childhood, medical, personal, traumatic, positive, developmental, professional, etc.) in a creative medium channels new realizations and ways of understanding one's story.



Sip n' Sketch - providing creative collaboration opportunities for professionals across all mediums.  

Sip n’ Sketch, Pittsburgh was dissolved in 2018.
Over 37 gatherings in over 10 public and private businesses, co-working spaces, and homes provided creative community opportunities.

These Pittsburgh gatherings were held weekly, and provided a casual, safe, and inclusive space in which to connect, relax, and create in any medium of choice. 

Check out the archived page: 
Sip n' Sketch Pittsburgh

Photographs by Victoria Sterling.